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My daughter loved attending Valerie’s phonics classes. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to stay focussed for the hour-long class on a Monday afternoon but in fact it was often difficult to prize her out of the classroom at the end! She seemed to really engage with the “Letterland” characters and was able to read simple sentences by the end of the year.

-Yvonne (UK)


"We are from Hong Kong and not native English speakers. Although my son is in a bilingual school, I felt he needed to be immersed in an English speaking environment more and at the same time get a headstart learning phonics and reading skills. The Letterland system is so much fun that my son fell in love with it straight away, and he really enjoys the class. He is definitely more interested in English now, sounding and calling out letters everywhere that he sees, which no doubt will help him start to read by himself in the near future."

- Anita  (Hong Kong)


Passionate, professional and caring teacher. Lovely, sweet and always smiling. I could continue, could go on and on. I guess it's easy to get I really like Valerie for her willingness and effort to get the best out of every child. To find people like Valerie it's not a given: it's a rare finding!

- Gloria (Italy)


"Our three children have been students of Valerie's class for the past 9 months. Not only do they bubble-over in anticipation for each class, but they are increasingly excited about developing the ability to read. In this short time, they are already able to sound out short words and quickly identify the most common pronouns, articles, and prepositions. Valerie allows for a personable and professional learning environment. I am impressed with her knowledge and insight, as well as her gentle demeanor and patience. Valerie constantly keeps parents and guardians up-to-speed on each week's lessons, offering encouragement for outside student work and reading. I would enthusiastically recommend Valerie as a highly qualified and dedicated teacher who is extremely professional and knowledgable in her field. "

-Lisa (USA)