Letterland Phonics, Reading and Writing Classes: Ages 4-6

Pre-enrolling for after school and Saturday morning classes for the September 2014-2015 school year. The courses run for 35 weeks. Payment is collected every 11 weeks. 60 minute classes will be offered Monday through Thursday at 3:30 and 4:30 and on Saturday mornings from 9:00 - 2:30. Cost: 200 rmb 

Level I - For students with minimal ABC knowledge. We will focus on phonemic awareness and handwriting skills with the intention of reading three letter short vowel words by the end of the course. High frequency words will also be introduced. 

Level II - For emerging readers and writers who know alphabet sounds and can read simple texts. We will focus on reading with excitement and fluency, writing long vowel spellings, handwriting and learning high frequency words.

Level III - For eager children who are able to read and write short and long vowel words. We will focus on sentence structure including sassy subjects, perfect predicates, noisy nouns, vivid verbs, and active adjectives. Students will learn basic grammar rules, write super sentences and simple paragraphs with ease.

Reading and Writing Classes: Ages 6-12

Level IV: Creative Writing - For readers and writers who are on their way. Focus on writing paragraphs with pizazz, writing for self discovery and writing to improve communication and organizational skills. Students will be exposed to new vocabulary, excellent authors and challenging spelling words.

Level V: Intermediate Writing - For developing readers and writers. We will focus on and writing savvy stories. In this course, student will read and study classic stories and will practice writing: super starters, traveling transitions, clever closings, electrifying elaborations, and fancy figurative language.

Level VI: Advanced Writing  - Intermediate Writers (ages 8-12) The Student Writing Intensive course teaches students the following skills: summarizing, note-taking, sequencing and creative thinking. It equips students with skills and ideas so they are able to write an original story or report confidently. The course introduces several stylistic techniques including: combining sentences with who or which, using strong verbs, quality adjectives and ly words as well as a number of clauses useful as students grow in writing complexity. Student Writing Intensive’s method is insightful and effective in teaching even the most reluctant writer.

Class size: 6-10 students

Cost: Fees of 220 rmb per 70 minute class are collected quarterly. Classes must be prepaid. One or two sessions may be omitted for travel. No refunds will be given except for in emergency situations. Material fees are collected as needed throughout the course.